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"...out of this world..."

The best excursion in San Juan
By A Yahoo! Contributor
This was the best excursion I ever had in San Juan. We signed up for the tour from our the travel desk in our hotel. The experience was out of this world. I've never been kayaking before, but our tour group consisted mostly of beginners. Our tour guide was patient with us, as my friend and I tried to get the hang of kayaking.

"...more than I could ask for..."

Absolutely Amazing!
By A Yahoo! Contributor
This tour was more than i could ask for! kayaking through the bay into the canal, seeing all the mangroves and lizards/wildlife. Our tour guide was very informative on the ecosystem of the area. Very Interesting! The canal opened up to an absolutely BEAUTIFUL lagoon.

"I have never seen anything like this..."

By A Yahoo! Contributor
Taking this ride was one of the best experience of my life, I have never seen anything like this. There are no words to discribe the feel of seeing the wonderful things in life. Just siting in total darkness contemplating the bioluminicent lagoon and a sky full of stars just make you think how lucky you are to be there.

"This is a must do..."

By A Yahoo! Contributor,
I don't think that even a professional photographer could capture the beauty and the mystery of the bioluminescent lagoon at night. This is a must do for anyone going to Puerto Rico.

"I am glad I did"

Glowing in the dark
By A Yahoo! Contributor
Spectacular! After rowing for about 20 minutes through a mangrove swamp, we arrived at the bioluminescent lagoon. The water was warm and less than 6' deep. This was easy. I am 70 years old and my wife is 68 yet we both enjoyed the experience. I took out my contacts before going and I am glad I did.

"Highly recommend this company"

Bill H.
Boston, MA
These guys led a very good trek through the bioluminescent canal and bay near Fajardo. I found them through my hotel's travel guide. I had initial hesitations given the crappy website, little in the way of references, and my initial conversations with one of the guides over the phone (asked me for my credit card). I was able to book a trek for two on a day's notice (in mid-August).The canal and the bay are gorgeous, but I'll separate that from the actual company.We were able to find the tour group rather easily; the website featured super-helpful directions. We arrived about an hour early, and we were offered a slot on the earlier tour group without asking. Cool! The instruction was quick (kayaking isn't brain surgery), the tour guides effectively reigned in the twenty-plus sea-unworthy tourists, and after everything was over we all got free fruit and water. Score.Highly recommend this company.

"...were supported by great guides"

Grace R.
Falls Church, VA
I was pretty nervous at the idea of kayaking at night due to my lack of experience but needless to say- the whole time my friends and I were supported by great guides who helped guide us from the beginning, through the canal and to the Laguna Grande. They were most courteous and very friendly. I felt completely relaxed and had a fabulous time. We got to to the site late due to traffic but we were quickly greeted by Islank Kayaking Adventure staff who quickly took down our information and gave us a quick instructional session on how to kayak. For those who haven't been here- you MUST GO! Not only due to the great staff, exquisite lake and glowing effects of the water, the majestic of it, but a memorable time. At the end, you get to purchase a picture of you and your kayak partner in the kayak before departing. You also get treated to fruit and chips afterwards. A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!
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